Search Engine and Social Channel Paid Advertising


Sounds scary! But really, it does not have to be


Online Paid Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (paid advertising) otherwise known as SEM can be an intimidating venture for business owners. The idea of unexpectedly spending thousands of dollars because the wrong people clicked on your ad leaves many running for cover.  There are so many aspects to online advertising with Google, Bing and Social Channels it is understandable. Yet more and more, online paid advertising is over taking organic search for results.  As a business owner you should consider using online advertising.

Search Engine Advertising

TK Solutions LLC will research and identify the best keyword combinations for your business. We will set up your campaigns and ad(s), and calculate a recommended budget based on your business objectives. By combining this type of search ads with social media advertising, we can blend the two into productive campaigns that lead to new customers for your company.  Then keeping a close watch on the activity that is generated, we can ensure that the right people are seeing your ads and responding to your brand message.

Search Engine Marketing



Statistics show that though important, organic search is losing ground to paid advertising.


Social Channels

Advertising on social channels is a great way to bring awareness to your brand from outside your existing circles. If done right it can help to build relationships with potential new customers and expand your reach out into the community. Recognizing a local businesses and seeing that others have had a good experience through reviews and comments lets them know they can trust in your brand. By balancing social advertising with search engine advertising you can maximize the impact of your investment and ROI.

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