Website Content Audit,Review and Update


Not sure what needs to be done? TK Solutions LLC will take care of it!

What is a content audit?

Is your website content more than two years old? Do you regularly update your content? Do you have social media integration? More and more people are using the internet and search engines to find the information they are looking for or products and services they need. This requires a business to keep its content fresh and up to date. Have you considered adding video to your site? Do you have fresh images? TK Solutions LLC will conduct a complete review of your content and give you the information you need to improve your customer response from your website and social media platforms.

Updating Content

Once the review of your content is complete, TK Solutions LLC can implement the suggested changes. By refreshing your website and/or social media channels, you ensure the best possible presence for reaching potential customers. 

Local search is even more specific. Search engines try to provide users with the best possible results to what they are looking for in their query. By clearly showing that you provide a service in that area you have a much better chance of being seen by potential customers!

Content Audit

The old adage "content is king" still applies today. Though some may argue otherwise, when a search engine evaluates your pages they are looking first and foremost at your content. It is also very important that your pages are written in a way that your potential customers have a clear understanding of what you have to offer. If your message is clear you will draw serious customers to your site and your business. Along with words it is important to balance your pages with  images and even video. Adding design helps to break up your page into readable, interesting, information.

TK Solutions LLC will review not only your website but your social media pages, directory listings, and other relevant places that represent your company to ensure you have consistency across all aspects of your online brand.

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