Social Media Marketing For Local Business


Let's get your Social Media juice flowing

Lets Get Social

Social Media and all that goes with it can be overwhelming for most businesses.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat? Which ones should you focus on? How often do you need to add new data? What should you do? Not to mention advertising on social platforms! Where do you start and should you even bother?

81% of of consumers currently interact with brands on social media

The Plan

TK Solutions LLC will spend time getting to know your company and its objectives. From there we will recommend a social marketing plan, create and optimize your social accounts, build a marketing calendar, decide on campaigns, and assist you in getting your name out there.

Content, Images and Video

TK Solutions LLC can assist you with preparing your posts. If you need images or video's of your business we can visit your business offices and job sites to capture and share what your business has to offer.

Social Media Marketing

Flexible Options

TK Solutions LLC has a plan for every budget. From a quick jump start to managing multiple social platforms, blogs, advertising campaigns and other aspects of social media management, we can assist you with your business's social media requirements.



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